“Just like Jesus chose to use a little boy’s lunch for His work, we believe God uses multiplication of resources that are given to Him to meet people’s needs.”

–Bob Walker

Who We Are

Multiplication Publishing is an outlet for book and event publishing that has to do with furthering the work of Jesus Christ on Earth. We believe that the multiplication of talents is what we are called to do while we serve the Lord in our daily lives.

Talents vary from person to person, but the overarching charge for followers of Christ is to use talents to reach others for Christ and encourage Christ followers. Our commitment at Multiplication Publishing is to provide an opportunity to see how God will use talents that are dedicated to His service.

For authors and others who are about the work of furthering the Kingdom, Multiplication Publishing may be a good way to help get their story in front of others. We look forward to hearing from you—it will be fun to see what God will do.


The Walker Way

The Walker family story is an inspiring and candid journey from rural farming to manufacturing and the lessons learned along the way. The founder’s son, Bob Walker, shows how faith in God and godly wisdom provide a sure foundation for starting and operating a successful business—along with courage, the willingness to take risks, and a tenacious dream to remain independent.

Stories of American ingenuity bring to life the principles his family cultivated on their way to becoming Walker Manufacturing Company, a worldwide premier provider of zero-turn lawn mowers. Operating a business is about more than multiplying money. It is away to create multiplied opportunity for yourself and many others. Ultimately, business is a way to love people. The Walker Way shows how.

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